Injectable Vitamin Cocktails


Energizer Bunny B12 shot


Fatigue, anemia, sleep, increases metabolism, reduces allergies, stress, depression and headaches


Make Me Strong Again Magnesium Shot


Lowers blood Pressure, antacid, heart health, natural muscle relaxer/pain reliever, regulates insulin levels, psychiatric disorders           


Heart Saber


Lipotropic B + MIC + L-Carnatine                

Heart health, infertility, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, mood stabilization, athletic performance/endurance


Flush My System Glutathione


Antioxidant, aids in preventing various brain disorders (Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s), muscle recovery and immunity


Healin’ Time AMP/Glutamine/Arginine 


Shortens wound healing/injury time, assists in weight loss, lowers blood pressure, chronic fatigue, muscle/joint pain


Trail MixCombo Lipo B/MIC/AMP/GLUT/ARG     



*All shots can be customized

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